Strings of Cacophony

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"There is only one inborn error, and that is the notion that we exist in order to be happy…So long as we persist in this inborn error…the world seems to us full of contradictions. For at every step, in great things and small, we are bound to experience that the world and life are certainly not arranged for the purpose of maintaining a happy existence…hence the countenances of almost all elderly persons wear the expression of what is called disappointment."

- Arthur Schopenhauer (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

"“I should like to buttonhole one of the oldsters and say to him: “I see that you have reached the highest life expectancy and are now close to a century or more; please give us an itemized account of your years. Calculate how much of that span was subtracted by a creditor, a mistress, a patron, a client, quarreling with your wife, punishing your slaves, gadding about the city on social duties. Add to the subtrahend self-caused diseases and the time left an idle blank. You will see that you possess fewer years than the calendar shows. Search your memory: how seldom you have had a consistent plan, how few days worked out as you intended, how seldom you have enjoyed full use of yourself, how seldom your face was unflurried, what accomplishments you have to show for so long a life, how much of your life has been pilfered by others without your being aware of it, how much of it you have lost, how much was dispensed on groundless regret, foolish gladness, greedy desire, polite society —- and then realize that your death will be premature.Why should this be? It is because you live as if you would live forever; the thought of human frailty never enters your head, you never notice how much of your time is already spent. You squander it as though your store were full to overflowing, when in fact the very day of which you make a present to someone or something may be your last. Like the mortal you are, you are apprehensive of everything; but your desires are unlimited as if you were immortal. Many a man will say, “After my fiftieth year I shall retire and relax; my sixtieth year will release me from obligations.” And what guarantee have you that your life will be longer? Who will arrange that your program shall proceed according to plan? Are you not ashamed to reserve for yourself only the tail end of life and to allot to serious thought only such time as cannot be applied to business? How late an hour to begin to live when you must depart from life! What stupid obliviousness to mortality to postpone counsels of sanity to the fifties or sixties, with the intention of beginning life at an age few have reached!…”"

- Seneca the Younger (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

"However great my sufferings have been, I do not seek to diminish them by comforting myself with vain hopes, and thoughts of a future and unknown happiness. This same courage of my convictions has led me to a philosophy of despair, which I do not hesitate to accept."

- Giacomo Leopardi (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

"If ye unto your sons would prove
By act how dearly them ye love
Then every voice of wisdom joins
To bid you leave them in your loins."

- Al-Ma’arri (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

"If humans differ from other animals, it is partly in the conflict of their instincts. They crave security, but are easily bored; they are peace-loving animals, but they have an itch for violence; they are drawn to thinking, but at the same time they hate and fear the unsettlement that thinking brings. There is no way of life in which all these needs can be satisfied. Luckily, as the history of philosophy testifies, humans have gift for self-deception, and thrive in the ignorance of their natures,"

- From “Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals” by John Gray (via youpretentiousyou)

Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle (True Detective, 2014)

(Source: pebbles-, via youpretentiousyou)

"Each time I fail to think about death, I have the impression of cheating, of deceiving someone in me."

- Emil Cioran (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

"Earlier you asked about my political and intellectual disposition and, mindful of context, I tried to answer honestly. But if you want to play it down to the quick, I suppose my deeper worldview can be reduced to a toxic blend of scientific materialism and deep pessimism. In other words, I allow that reality can be apprehended through reason and experience, but I think the conclusions that follow tend only to affirm our worst suspicions—that, to borrow Thomas Ligotti’s perfect phrase, the universe is not just meaningless, but malignantly useless."

- Chip Smith (via blackestdespondency)

(via fuckyeahexistentialism)